Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Title: "Cirri"
Acrylic on Canvas
42 x 42 inches


  1. Thank you for your interest about my works. They are based on black and white filmes. I guess it's very hard to add any colours to them except for toning process, therefore what I don't understand is "with bright color". Could you give me explanation?

  2. Hello, mijin --

    Thank you for your reply.
    I do like your work, and the black & white film. I did not know you added the colour with toning only. I will try to explain...

    You express 'alienation' and sadness very well in these pieces. But they make me want to see a cheerful (colourful) work. So, can you also express your joy and happiness using black and white film? ... Michael Cross

  3. Even though what you would like to see is not my main theme, I've been thinking of that.
    Of course, if I put smiley model in the film, it could be possible to represent it. I realize it is not possible to express the joy and happiness with using the black and white filme. My style is like the static, empty and frustrating one-I can't touch the right point that I want to say because I'm not good at English.
    Thank you for your question. It was the chance to consider my way to present subjects.