Tuesday, June 06, 2006

72 x 52 inches
acrylic, charcoal & oil on canvas
Year: 2006


  1. I love the brilliant colours in this piece.

    I vry much enjoy looking at your artwork.

  2. thank you Joyce for your comments. I tried to read this yesterday, but blogger wasn't working.

    How did you know about my blog site? And are you an artist?

  3. Hi Mike, Joyce is from my blog. She must have followed you via your comment on my blog. She is an artist, if you click on her name, you can find your way back to her art blog.She's got a three wheel bike.

    Thanks for the Link, I have responded accordingly. Catch you later.

  4. Hi cross,
    Sorry it took so long to get over here. Life has been a bit demanding lately. I like this piece a lot. The color seems to be a lot different than you previous pieces.